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Jennifer Loren graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Fine Arts Degree, specializing in Architecture and Design, and also obtained a second degree in Computer Design. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her German shepherd, Nick. In addition to the vastly popular, top mafia romance and best selling series, The Devil’s Eyes, Ms Loren has successfully published best selling romantic suspense novel Finding Ava and its sequel Reckless and the best selling short story, The Hand That Holds Mine. Her writing genre is considered dark, romantic suspense and mafia romance. Her books tend to have a lot of humor, which is why she is currently branching out into comedic books and children's books.

The Awkward Puppy

The Awkward Puppy is about a puppy who's ears are too long, his tail too strong and his heart too curious for his own good. He tries desperately to please, but still can't help the mess he creates. The awkward puppy finds himself desperately needing the right family and home in order for the specialness about him to show. This book is for children and anyone who loves a story about a puppy so awkward that his specialness is a gift to anyone who takes a chance to own him.

The Devil's Eyes (Book 1)

Wrong side of the tracks—that’s where Kayla’s life has been. Her only saving grace was her sister, Braylin. When Braylin dies, Kayla goes on a mission to avenge her death. Nick is the mysterious stranger with the alluring devil’s eyes. He is attractive, powerful, and dangerous. If not for her obsession for revenge, Kayla would never dare go near him. To lure Nick into her trap, she has to become what he needs while trying to fight against her growing desires. On a destructive path, Kayla enters a secret world of underground crime. The Devil’s Eyes is a Dark, Intense, Romance novel. Mafia Romance.

The Devil's Revenge (Book 2)

The argument for my bail begins, and I lower my head until the doors behind me crash open with a thunderous roar. A vibration rushes through my body, I look up at the judge as his eyes widen and a cold silence takes hold of the room. It’s him. I know it’s him. It can be no other. Before I can turn I whisper his name and feel the energy of him blaze up my body as if the simple whisper of his name makes it true, makes him true. As hard as I fight my own curiosity I can’t stop myself, with all the assuredness in my head I still have to prove it to my own eyes. Turning, I slowly raise my head up and look upon the three gentlemen, dressed in dark suits and letting the hoods of their coats fall back and reveal expressions of pure - desired annihilation. But it is he that stands center and strong that confirms my suspicions. It is he that has caused this silence and chocked the breath out of an entire room. It’s as if the air could breathe and it breathes a trembling gasp of his name, with all that laid their eyes on this sight I see. Only I breathe his name and meet his eyes whispering … “I knew you would come for me.” Only God could save me from a certain deadly fate, and so rightfully, he sent the devil to rescue me. The sequel to The Devil's Eyes is action packed while still maintaining the same dark romance and suspenseful tone of the first novel.

The Devil's Son (Book 3)

Chief of Police, Brady Simone is determined to go after the man that killed his parents but his new brother-in-law, Nicholas Jayzon, is doing everything he can to point him away from the man known as "The Barron". The Barron, or rather, Dennis Savage, has inflicted his own kind of evil on people for longer than anyone can remember. Savage has no fear because no one can touch him, no one can get near him ... except Nick.

The Devil's Masquerade : The Poison (Book 4)

Nick Jayzon has battled many enemies, and has defeated them all. But now he faces the ultimate evil. A brutal Savage of his own blood who will stop at nothing to control him, to Poison Nick, and to harden his heart forever. Many have tried to stop Asmodeus and many have died in the process. But now, he will try, and he isn't coming alone. They won't all survive. And the one soul Savage fears, is scared and is considering running away with her children before they are murdered too. But there is one Jayzon ally, which Savage has long forgotten that will come back to help them as well as a much stronger and deadlier ally, will consider turning against her own and siding with the Jayzons. But together, can they destroy the devil? Free Nick before it’s too late? Before the Masquerade seals his fate?

The Devil's Masquerade : The Remedy (Book 5)

Nick Jayzon is now a Savage, a part of Asmodeus’s army. Kayla has been threatened, cornered and tempted to run and hide, leaving her true love to fight on his own and be forever under the control of the greed hungry devil. However, she meets a mysterious ally that she never knew she had until she needed her the most and that ally encourages Kayla, to stay and to fight. Will Kayla fight for the husband she loves? Will she stand toe to toe with the devil and fearlessly threaten his final annihilation? Will Kayla find her husband again and be able to inflict her own kind of devil’s Remedy and be able to bring Nick back to the life he once knew? Without Nick, Kayla and all her allies will be outnumbered and their power will be no contest against Savage and his manipulated grandson’s own power. Will they need to kill Nick to survive or will a younger Nick step forward and show his extraordinary power to save them all? Kayla and all her allies will accept their fates and enter into the ultimate battle at The Devil’s Masquerade.

The New Devil in Charge (Book 6)

Ryan has decided to build his own organization in a new city, away from the shadow of his brother, Nick. With the help of Elijah, Ryan is willing and anxiously ready to take on one opponent after another to take over his new city. There isn't much most can do to stop them; that is until one comes in contact with an elusive Lord of the 3rd, Marius Cane. Marius has been playing it quiet these days, a little too quiet, but his intentions begin to become clear when he purposely goes after Ryan and not Nick as everyone expected. “Where’s the Dragon, young Jayzon? You used him to kill Savage and in doing so, he is bound to you and I want him.” Does Ryan now hold the power of the Dragon? And if he does, will he be able to hold onto it or die much like his grandfather? There is no doubt that Ryan will fight and that he won’t be fighting alone.

The Laws of Kings

Dace is one of four brothers of the Colletto crime family. His father has been running the family without issue for decades, but now someone is out to prove that the old man's time to retire has come. Dace's older brother, Michael, is far from interested in taking over. However, Ettore, the second oldest is primed and ready to seize command. Dace is forced to choose between his vivacious brother, Michael, and the malicious Ettore. No matter his choice, his prime interest is protecting his little brother Antony from getting into more trouble than he already has, all the while trying to keep himself from the beautifully tempting, female detective, Austin Reed.

Finding Ava

Held captive in a room built just for her, Ava Kelley crouches in the dark corner, waiting for the mad man who has spent years following her every move. She never knew he was patiently waiting for his opportunity to make her his forever. If it were not for the memories of Sean’s warm smile to hold onto through her captors brutal attacks, she might never have had the strength to try and escape. As her heart is beating louder than the breaths she tries to silence, she watches as the blackened room lights up, and evil appears in her sights. She has but one opportunity to escape. Once she does, she can never look back and never stop hiding because Spencer Jefferis will never stop looking for her. She is his obsession, she is - his. Sean Grant finds himself in the midst of a new career, which has taken years of hard work. Now movie roles are abundant, women are clamoring to simply be noticed by him, his private life is available at every newsstand, and he can now be seen at every theater available. As one of the most sought after movie stars of the day, Sean’s life should be easy, but thanks to his mother meddling in his love life, it has become exceedingly difficult, and yet, he still cannot find someone to erase the memories of her. It has been years since that chance meeting in New York, it was but only a few minutes, but he continues to hold onto the memories of those blue eyes. His attraction for her grips him like no other and if not for his meddling mother, Sean would have never been able to find Ava again. Finding Ava is only the beginning. Holding her after her nightmares, kissing her tears away, Sean struggles to keep Ava safely hidden from the mad man that is fixated on possessing her. How do you keep someone you love hidden, when the lenses of hundreds of cameras follow your every move? It is a maddening effort but with the help of a mysterious old man, Sean receives the words of advice that may help save her life.


Reckless, the sequel to Finding Ava: The decision seemed so innocent in the beginning, exciting even. How could I have ever known what was going to happen? How could I have ever know that someone could be so evil, so determined to destroy lives. I chose to ignore the advice of my brother and instead trusted - believed in friendship, believed in a woman I once loved. Now I am paying the consequences and living in hell and I have brought my family right along with me. It all started when the rat entered our lives, and as should be expected - the snake followed. This story dives deep into the making of the movie “Reckless”, and simultaneously takes you on a ride filled with sex, drama, disastrous sabotage, and battles of woman against woman and man against man. You will have to take a breath before you read this story because you won’t be able to take another until after it ends.

The Long Road

To save his family’s business, Dillon has to become the man and leader he never thought he could be and lead them all to success. Dani is determined to show Dillon that she is on his side against her own father. Young lovers Dillon and Dani try to cope when attacks on their business threaten their livelihood and very lives of their friends and loved ones. With so much depending on them, can they learn to work together? Can they repair what has been broken between the two of them before all is lost?

Illana's Confessions

A free online diary story.

About the Author

Writing has always been something I have enjoyed. That is, when I was able to sit still long enough. As a kid, I loved to sneak away somewhere and dream of better places, big adventures, and, of course, great heroic accomplishments. Dreaming is easy, dreaming big was exciting but most importantly, I never held back. I began writing my adventures when I was young, even winning a local newspaper award when I was eleven. I briefly thought about pursuing a writing career but as I grew older my desire had become Architecture and Design. The first chance I had, I headed north to a college in New York to complete my much-anticipated Architecture and Design education. After a few years of tough winters and numerous low paying jobs, I graduated and promptly moved back south to pursue my career. It wasn't easy, but after taking beatings from one mentor after another, I finally began to develop my own style and my own place in the industry. Everything was good and the future looked even brighter, until the recession hit, projects dried up and my job disappeared. There was nothing I could do, companies were closing their doors and no one was hiring. To make matters worse, the stress from being laid-off caused a major rupture in my eyes, a result of my diabetic retinopathy. I became completely blind in one eye and partially in the other. Even though I had been told of the possibility, I never expected it to happen to me at such a young age or really, at all. Regaining a job in the current economy, my career choice, at least, suddenly seemed impossible. The depressing state of the economy and my frustrating circumstances made me determined to escape and I began to do what I always did as a kid-- daydream of a better place. The thoughts and dreams were far better than I would have expected and with nothing else to do, it became easy to develop story after story. Once one of my eyes cleared up enough, I began to type my thoughts and dreams. They began flooding through my head so fast I could barely keep up with them. Within a month, I had a completed novel and an idea that maybe there is something else I can do besides wait. I hate waiting. That's all I had been doing is waiting: waiting for my eyes to heal, waiting for surgery, waiting for the doctors to tell me that I am going to be fine, waiting for my industry to be available to me again, but most of all, waiting for it all to be good again. I hate waiting. I have to have some control over how long I wait in order for things to be good again. It's been a couple of years since I finished my first novel, and I have spent my time studying-- listening to audio books of anything and everything to learn about writing, and most of all, editing. In the meantime, I have had several surgeries and many treatments for my eyesight to return and, though not a hundred percent, I can do most everything I did before. The pages can be a little blurry, or even broken at times, but I can see well enough to type every dream I have and enjoy a new passion by way of an old habit.